5th District


3rd Class Municipality

Number of Barangay: 28

The Municipality of Sison was a barrio of San Fabian called Alava, named after the Spanish province of Alava. The land experienced a mass migration of settlers from neighboring towns due to its rich soil and vast plains. Several townships within the area like the towns of Labayug and Esperanza were fused to form a bigger town named Artacho. Years later, the town of Alava and Artacho formed an even bigger township to improve their revenue collection and finally establish an independent municipality.

A bill sponsored by Senator Pedro Maria Sison was approved granting the fusion of Artacho and Alava. the town was named Sison, in honor of the great senator who sponsored the bill on May 11, 1918.

Sison is part of the fifth congressional district. It borders the provinces of La Union and Benguet. the town has a total land area of 8,188 hectares and a population of 52,320 people according to the 2020 census.

An agricultural town, Sison uses a huge portion of its land for farming with rice as its major produce. it also supplies bananas and vegetables to its neighboring towns. Sison also produces other crops such as corn, mung bean, peanut, garlic, and tobacco.


Danilo Uy

Vice Mayor
Alma Lomibao

Benson Aquino
Samson Murao
Dandan Tayag
Ericson Biason
Mina Joy Pangasinan
Larry Leo
Jomar Fabros
Charipec Baoanan

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