Provincial Hospital Management Services


The Office of the Provincial Hospital Management Services was created through Provincial Ordinance Number 281-2022, was approved last August 1, 2022, and united the 14 province-managed hospitals into a single management system that can help efficiently address the individual and collective concerns of the hospitals.

This office also helps in standardizing the operations of the hospitals and in improving the quality of the services offered to the people of Pangasinan through careful regulation and monitoring.

The Office of the Provincial Hospital Management Services seeks to empower and enrich the leadership capacity of each Chief of Hospital. The Office focuses on the over-all goals and directions of the province-managed hospitals while the daily operations of each hospital remain to be under the management of the individual Chief of Hospital.


Our mission is to inspire hope and joy and to promote health and well-being of Pangasinenses by delivering excellent health services and compassionate patient care through a safe and nurturing hospital environment.


By 2031, a premier system of hospitals and health facilities that provide excellent patient care in the Region.

Primary Value

The needs of our patients come first.

Core Values

RESPECT. Treat every patient and their family members, regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity and affiliation, with

INNOVATION. Improve the services by infusing creative ideas and new solutions.

INTEGRITY. Uphold the highest standards of professional, moral and ethical responsibilities.

COMPASSION. Treat each patient and their family members with empathy, understanding and sensitivity

COLLABORATION. Nurture unity and motivation amongst employees, providing opportunities for them to blend their skills and synergize in their work.

EXCELLENCE. Deliver health services of the highest quality to achieve the best health outcome for every patient.

About the Logo

At the core of its mission is the belief that good health is the cornerstone of true happiness. With this guiding principle in mind, we meticulously crafted a logo that embodies our unwavering commitment to excellence in healthcare. The design features six cheerful smiles, each representing one of the six districts of Pangasinan, uniting under a common goal of delivering exceptional medical care to all. And the fifteen dots encircling the smiles are arranged in a clockwise motion, symbolizing the network of district hospitals that work in unison to ensure comprehensive and accessible healthcare for every individual.

The logo’s corporate style is intentionally warm and welcoming, reflecting the compassionate and collaborative spirit that defines our organization. Through this vibrant design, we aim to communicate not only our dedication to exceptional healthcare but also our deep-seated belief in the transformative power of a healthy and happy community.