3rd District


1st Class Municipality

Number of Barangay: 73

The town of Malasiqui was founded in the 17th century when Spanish missionaries ventured into the area to convert the locals to Catholicism. One day, the locals overheard the three missionary priests who were in charge of surveying the settlement as they argue. One priest uttered “mala” meaning “no good” as the other priest nodded in agreement and said “si” meaning “yes”. Both priests find the settlement unpleasant to stay at. The last missionary priest doesn’t seem to agree with his colleagues and said “yqui” meaning “so what”. Having no idea what the three priests were arguing about, the locals thought that the missionaries named their settlement “mala-si-yqui”. Since that day, the area has been known as Malasiqui.

Two native chiefs Don Domingo Manguisesal and Don Diego Catongal together with a Dominican Priest Father Juan Camacho started the process of the town’s establishment in 1671.

Malasiqui is part of the third congressional district. It is 26 kilometers from the capital town of Lingayen. The town has a land area of 12,378 hectares and a population of 143,094 people according to the 2020 census.

An agro-industrial town, Malasiqui’s main products are meat, poultry, eggs, vegetables, and corn products. Several small-scale industries were also established in Malasiqui like rice mills, motorcycle sidecar assembly, repair shops, bakeries, furniture and woodcraft making, and iron works industries.


Noel Anthony Geslani

Vice Mayor
Alfe Soriano

Rodito Austria
Alexis Mamaril
Daria Dolores Balagtas
Ramelyn Sanchez
William Valdez
Rydel Ann Laforteza
Janice Pinlac
Erik Brian Domantay

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