1st District


3rd Class Municipality

Number of Barangay: 18

The name Dasol was coined from a medicinal herb called “dosol” that grew abundantly in the area during the Spanish occupation. Dasol was established as a municipality in the 19th century. Dasol along with other western towns of Pangasinan seceded from Zambales and was annexed to the province of Pangasinan on November 7, 1903.

Dasol is part of the first congressional district with a land area of 16,660 hectares and a population of 31,355 according to the 2020 census.

The town is known for its salt-making industry. Large ponds are filled with salt water where natural evaporation allows the salt to be dried up and harvested. Dasol bay stretches the entire coastline of Dasol and is where the town gets its saltwater. Aquaculture, rice, and fruit wine-making are products also produced in Dasol.


Rizalde Bernal

Vice Mayor
Edgardo Fontelera

Angelo Emmanuel Gabuyo
Mark Anthony Carrera
Nelson Espinosa
Loreto Riaza
Manuel Rivera
Gerardo Rivera
Jon Ray Aseo
Richard Garcia  

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