3rd District


1st Class Municipality

Number of Barangay: 24

The name Calasiao came from the native word “lasi” which means a place of lightning. Founded by the Dominicans in 1588, Calasiao is the second oldest town in Pangasinan. Calasiao is also home to the only NCCA-acknowledged cultural treasure in the Province, the Sts. Peter & Paul Parish Church.

Calasiao is part of the third congressional district of Pangasinan and is 18 kilometers away from Lingayen, the capital town of the province. It has a land area of 5,339 hectares and a population of 100,471 according to the 2020 census.

Calasiao is synonymous with its delectable puto, a sweet treat considered to be the best in the Philippines. The town celebrates the Puto Festival annually in honor of its most popular product.

Other notable products of Calasiao include rice, corn, vegetables, bananas, and mangos. The town is also famous for its cottage industries of hat, basket, and mat weaving, smithing, native cake making, and bocayo manufacturing.


Kevin Roy Macanlalay

Vice Mayor
Nestor A. Gabrillo

Manny Datuin
Felipe De Vera
Ardieson Soriano
Haverdani Das Mesina
Gerald Aficial
Elias Villanueva
Myc Sison
Vanessa S.  Zulueta – SKF PRESIDENT

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