3rd District


3rd Class Municipality

Number of Barangay: 15

Mapandan got its name from the tropical plant abundant in the area called “pandan” which has a fragrant leaf commonly used in Southeast Asia and South Asia for cooking. Mapandan used to be part of the town of Mangaldan until December 28, 1887, when it was established as a pueblo through Direction General No. 39 Administration Civil No. 169-C by Governor General Emilio Bravo.

The idea of Mapandan’s eventual separation from Mangaldan was conceived by 10 local leaders: Antonio Morales, Sabino Prado, Andres Bongato, Ambrosio Calimlim, Valeriano Tamondong, Tomas Aquino, Fulgencio Nato, Filomeno Sarmiento, Jose Lalas, and Florencio Datuin.

Due to the outbreak of an epidemic, Mapandan was for a short time returned to its mother town of Mangaldan until its re-establishment as a town in 1908.

A part of the third congressional district of the province of Pangasinan, Mapandan borders the municipalities of San Jacinto to the north, Mangaldan to the northwest, Manaoag to the east, and the Municipality of Santa Barbara to the South. It has a total land area of 1,994 hectares and a population of 38,058 people according to the latest census.

Mapandan is an agricultural town with 75% or 2,520 hectares of its land area used for rice farming followed by corn and other vegetables.

At the heart of Mapandan is their municipal plaza which is considered to be one of the most beautiful plazas in the province. it is complete with facilities such as an open-air auditorium, tennis courts, a children’s playground, and a well-maintained landscaping that visitors can enjoy.

As a way of thanksgiving for the bountiful product of the town and in commemoration of its history, Pandan Festival was launched and has become a regular festivity of the town. Held every 2nd week of April, the festival is not just a celebration of the town’s bounties as it highlights the people’s industry, diligence, and commemoration of its colorful history.


Karl Christian Vega

Vice Mayor
Gerald Glenn Tambaoan

Alicia Mariano
Freddie Penuliar
Hilarion Morales
Blando Quinto
John Ericson Parayno
Gem Castro
Ronnie Revilla
Melvin Jerold Ranas
Edwina V. Tambaoan- Liga President
Alexander Khan S. Lagiwid- SKF President

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