Capitol Resort Hotel


The Capitol Resort Hotel, originally operated by the Philippine Tourism Authority (PTA), was turned-over to the Provincial Government of Pangasinan on October 31, 2000. Nestled in the heart of Lingayen, Pangasinan, our hotel has been a beacon of warm hospitality and comfort since its inauguration on February 19, 1995.

Brief Background

Capitol Resort Hotel, formerly known as Lingayen Gulf Resort Hotel, was established in honor of the Palarong Pambansa held in Lingayen, where it played a crucial role as a host to guests from all corners of the Philippines. Since its inception, the hotel has been dedicated to providing not only a place of relaxation and leisure but also a hub for various events and functions.

Over the years, the hotel has earned a reputation for being an inviting and budget-friendly retreat, making it an ideal choice for travelers seeking a comfortable stay without compromising on quality service. Our strategic location along Alvear Street, within the Capitol Compound, offers guests an overlooking view and a breathtaking ambiance of the serene Lingayen Gulf.

CRHOD Notable Awards

Best Practice Award 2022 – Recognition for its implementation of the Point of Sales (POS) System, where customers can make payments for goods or services rendered through contactless transactions, it was launched in April 2022 as part of CRH’s digitization program aimed at enhancing service delivery and providing a better customer experience. The system allows for quick and secure transactions, available 24/7.

Best Practice Award 2021 – Recognition for the implementation of the 3Rs of Waste Management (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) and conducting regular disinfection of hotel premises during the pandemic. These sustainable practices have demonstrated the hotel’s commitment to environmental conservation and guest welfare.

Best Practice Award 2020 – Recognition for the implementation of Semi-Annual Preventive Maintenance and No Single-Use Plastic Policy, ensuring the safety, welfare, and convenience of hotel guests and employees. This initiative showcased the hotel’s dedication to sustainability and responsible tourism.


To ensure our clientele receives excellent and high-quality service, and to encourage, promote, and develop local tourism in the province, generating income and employment opportunities.


To be the primary Provincial Government establishment and facility charged with the responsibility to provide accommodation and entertainment services to our clientele, with the end-in-view of generating income and revenue for the province.

CRHOD Department of Tourism Accreditation

Capitol Resort Hotel takes pride in its accreditation by the Department of Tourism since February 06, 2022, issued in the City of San Fernando, La Union. This prestigious accreditation reflects our dedication to providing high-quality service and adhering to the industry’s standards for the utmost guest satisfaction.

About the Logo

The logo embodies minimalism and portrays the Capitol building with coconut trees on either side, creating a peaceful and tranquil vibe.

The logo container takes on a unique fan shape and resembles a mesmerizing sunset view seen along the beaches. Adding a touch of our Governor’s symbol, an eagle is perched at the top of the logo, elevating its design.