5th District


3rd Class Municipality

Number of Barangay: 21

Alcala was a barrio of the town of Bayambang, formerly called “Dangla,” named after a medicinal bush native to the area. Early settlers from different Ilocos provinces traveled to the settlement using animal-drawn carts. As the population grew, the people filed a petition for the separation of Dangla from Bayambang on April 1, 1873. On September 20, 1875, the Spanish crown granted the petition by issuing Royal Decree No. 682, making the barrio of Dangla the town we know today as Alcala.

Alcala is part of the fifth congressional district of the province of Pangasinan. It has a land area of 5,508 hectares and is 49 kilometers from the capital town Lingayen. According to the 2020 census, Alcala has a population of 48,908 people.

The Holy Cross Parish Church, built in 1881, not only serves as a place of worship for the locals but also as a tourist attraction frequented by faithful across neighboring municipalities. Alcala celebrates its annual Music Festival, locally known as the Turak Festival, to commemorate its founding anniversary every September.

The town’s main products include tobacco, corn, livestock, and poultry, as well as woodcraft and candle making.


Jojo Callejo

Vice Mayor
Rodolfo Rosquita

Eduardo Dela Cruz JR.
Amado Bauzon
Marcelino Tercias
Mark Ryan Catalan
Johnny Carajay
Cherry Beth Mamitag
Gerardo Ablao
Top Jigur Peregrino

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