Citizen’s Charter

Core Principles

We, the officials and employees of the Provincial Government of Pangasinan, are guided by the following core principles:

1. God-Centered
2. Resilience
3. Innovation
4. Integrity
5. Commitment
6. Excellence
7. Patriotism


By 2031, Pangasinan is the premier province of great opportunities, sustained socio-economic growth, and a place where one can experience life at its best.


We are committed to good governance.

To perform our mandate with excellence, dynamism and innovation.

To serve with love and compassion.

We are bound together by this sense of mission.

Service Pledge

We, the employees of the Provincial Government of Pangasinan, do hereby affirm our Service Pledge:

Discharge our duties with utmost responsibility, integrity, competence and loyalty; act with patriotism and justice, lead modest lives, and uphold interest over personal interest;

Instill discipline in the performance of our duties at all times;

Generate prompt and quality service to the people with a smile; justly and fairly regardless of circumstances;

No to Red Tape, ensure that red tape is eventually eliminated or reduced since transparency is ensured and accountability is imbued at all times;

Innovate and enrich service delivery by adhering to the standards set through the Citizen’s Charter;

Treat with utmost respect and value every citizen’s comments, suggestions, and needs especially from the differently-abled, pregnant women, and senior citizens; and

Yield fruitful results through good practices in public service and continue to listen to our clients and seek opportunities to better serve them.

All these we pledge, because they deserve no less.

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