6th District


4th Class Municipality

Number of Barangay: 21

When the Dominican Missionaries arrived in Caboloan, which is considered to be the early foundation of Pangasinan, they established various missions throughout the Wangdom to spread Christianity to their newly acquired territories. One of these missions is now located in Asingan.

The name Asingan was given by the Spaniards who arrived in the village and found the locals to be hostile and antagonistic towards them. Due to the combative attitude of the residents, the Spaniards named the area “Villa de Asingan,” which translates to “hostile,” and was later shortened to Asingan. In 1782, a Spanish Royal Decree was issued creating the Municipality of Asingan.

Asingan is situated in the eastern part of Pangasinan province and is part of the sixth congressional district. It covers a total land area of 6,759 hectares and has a population of 57,811, according to the 2020 census.

Asingan’s fertile flatlands enable rice and vegetables to grow abundantly in the area. The locals also practice the art of loom weaving, which provides them with additional income. To help with the local economy and provide income to residents, the Asingan Agri-Tourism Park was established, which features acres of flowers and various spots to rest and unwind in its agricultural setting.


Carlos Lopez, Jr.

Vice Mayor
Heidee Chua

Athena Ira Chua
Marivic Robeniol
Johnny Mar Carig
Joselito Viray
Mel Lopez
Melchor Cardinez SR.
Virgilio Amistad
Julio Dayag

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