4th District

San Jacinto

3rd Class Municipality

Number of Barangay: 19

The town of San Jacinto was named after Father Jacinto of Poland. He was a Dominican priest who was dubbed the “Apostle of the North”. He worked tirelessly for the reform of women’s missionaries in his native country.

Founded on August 17, 1598, by Rev. Fr. Herminigildo Milgar, San Jacinto was officially established as a municipality in 1601, making it one of the oldest municipalities in the Province of Pangasinan.

San Jacinto belongs to the fourth congressional district located 26 kilometers from the capital town Lingayen. It has a total land area of 4,418 hectares and a population of 44,351 people according to the 2020 census.

Agriculture remains a major source of livelihood in San Jacinto with rice, corn, and tobacco as the town’s main crops. The town uses its corn husk waste to produce bags and baskets that generate additional income for the people.


Leo De Vera

Vice Mayor
Robert De Vera

Wilfredo Barcel
Samuel Abaoag
Virginia Zarate
Sean Alexis Cardozo
Madison Ellasus
Rebecca Esoy
Samuel Aspiras
Benjamin Visperas

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