6th District

San Nicolas

1st Class Municipality

Number of Barangay: 33

The area that we now know as San Nicolas was inhabited by settlers even before the establishment of the town itself. Several accounts of Spanish Missionaries confirmed the existence of different groups in the area. The growing population of the settlement attracted the Spanish to establish its presence and embark on several missionaries works to spread Christianity among the locals. The presence of religious missions spurred the development of the settlement as roads were paved to make the area easily accessible to outsiders.

The migration of Ilocano people from nearby towns made it possible for local political and church leaders to initiate the establishment of a pueblo that will be part of Commandancia Politico Militar de Nueva Ecija under the province of Pampanga. The town was ceded to the Province of Pangasinan on May 3, 1817. Several series of events resulted in the re-incorporation of the San Nicolas to Nueva Ecija until its eventual return under Pangasinan’s jurisdiction in 1902.

This agricultural town in the eastern part of the province has vast land areas planted with kawayan or bamboo. The townsfolk convert their produce into home decor, cabinets, furniture, and others. Bamboo poles are also being sold to fishermen for their fishponds and fish pens.

To give honor to its lucrative livelihood, the local government unit launched the Kawayan Festival’ in 2014 which became an annual festivity that coincides with the town’s feast of St. Nicholas, its patron saint.

One thing that makes San Nicolas popular is the breathtaking site of Malico, a mountain village nestled on top of the Caraballo Mountains which can be reached thru land travel in hardly 1.5 hours from the town proper. The rehabilitation of the 22.3-kilometer Pangasinan segment of the Pangasinan-Nueva Vizcaya Road, also known as the Villa Verde trail made Brgy. Malico more accessible to visitors from the province.


Alicia Enriquez

Vice Mayor
Alvin Bravo

Maricon Vindy Operana
Francisco Bravo
Jairus Thom Dulay
Amorsolo Pulido
Pedrelito Bibat
Jose Serquina
Rosewill De Castro
Leomar Saldivar

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