Provincial Governors Office

Office of the Provincial Administrator


As an auxiliary department of the Office of the Provincial Governor, the office mandates efficiency and effective coordination and organizational support to all offices, ensures that all programs and policies implemented are aligned to the national government, and ensures the administrative office the central hub of communication.


A premier office delivering highly-efficient and highly-effective administrative services.


The Provincial Administrator’s Office promotes a balance and inclusive coordination and collaboration of all departments and offices ensuring control and implementation of various policies, programs and services on the administrative level of the Provincial Government of Pangasinan.

Mr. Melicio F. Patague II
Provincial Administrator

Mr. Melicio F. Patague II is the current Provincial Administrator of the Provincial Government of Pangasinan under Governor Ramon V. Guico III’s administration. He is from Brgy. Sta. Catalina, Binalonan, Pangasinan.

Mr. Patague is a public servant where he started his dedication to serve the people as a Sangguniang Kabataan Federation President from 1993 to 1996. He also serves as the Sanggunian ng Bayan Secretary from 2001-2009.

As an elected official in the Municipality of Binalonan, Mr. Patague became Municipal Councilor from 2009 to 2015 and Municipal Vice Mayor from 2016 to 2022.

At present, as the Provincial Administrator of the Provincial Government of Pangasinan, he is dedicated to outfit the utmost service leading Heads/Chiefs of offices and hospitals that facilitates the directives of the Governor for the betterment of the province and its people.



● Records Management

Under this service, the Provincial Administrator’s Office manages the control of communications and records management including its routing system. It features the following:

▪Information desk
There are two (2) areas designated for the queries and addressing the client needs. Area 1 is located on the ground floor whereas Area 2 is on the second floor (2F) of the Capitol Building.

▪Receiving official documents
Various official documents, communications, and requests are received and reviewed for the Governor’s and Provincial Administrator’s attention, approval, signature, and reference.

▪Releasing official documents
Upon approval, the documents are communicated and released to the concerned offices for appropriate action. Official documents are then filed through Globodox for the updated summary of issuances and inventory of documents.

Various communications like Memorandum, Administrative Orders, Executive Orders, Travel Orders both local and foreign, and other certifications are prepared for the Governor’s and Provincial Administrator’s attention, approval, signature, and reference.

▪Organizational Development Programs
The office coordinates with the concerned officials and clients on the status of the request, incoming events, programs, and related activities or concerns.

● Finance

Various financial documents, such as purchase requests, vouchers, payrolls, and per diems are prepared, received, and reviewed for the Governor’s and Provincial Administrator’s attention, approval, signature, and reference. Also, the processing of financial assistance for various requests falls under this function.

● Human Resource

This is responsible for collecting, reviewing, and validating the daily time record (DTR), travel order (TO), and other related personnel matters of the staff.

Likewise, to improve the performance and productivity of the Province, there is an assigned focal for each program under Human Resource Management and Development Office:

▪ Recruitment, Selection, and Placement
▪ Learning and Development
▪ Performance Management
▪ Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery
▪ 7s of Good Housekeeping
▪ Health and Wellness
▪ Grievance Management

●General Services and Support

Its purpose is to provide adequate services in personal/mailing delivery of letters and related documents, procurement and inspection of office and janitorial supplies, information technology (IT) related services, and utility services.



The implementation of the social assistance program in all districts of Pangasinan, under the leadership of Governor Ramon “Mon-mon” V. Guico, III is the program aimed to provide financial aid and relief to qualified beneficiaries during their times of emergencies. Beneficiaries of the Social Services for the Distributions of “Social Assistance” are to those qualified indigent from all Districts of Pangasinan

▪ Medical
▪ Burial
▪ Educational
▪ Individual/sectors/communities in crises situations



1. To recognize and honor students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievements in the Province of Pangasinan.
2. To acknowledge and commend students who exhibit exemplary diligence, perseverance, and commitment to their studies.
3. To foster a culture of excellence, discipline, and hard work among students in the province.


GENERAL SCHOLARS – These first-year college students were selected based on their General Weighted Average (GWA) in their senior year of high school, their commitment to school, extracurricular activities, the community, and their family’s money.

MUSLIM – These are Muslim first-year college students who have been approved and examined by any province-wide Muslim Association authorized by the government.

NCIP – These are incoming first-year college students who have been approved and examined by the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) Office and who are members of a recognized indigenous community.

THE ARTS – These incoming first-year college students are winners of at least a local art and/or culture competition and have demonstrated extraordinary talent or potential in the arts. Students who are concerned should enroll in courses with a focus on the performing arts, such as those in dance, theater, music, opera, acting, graphic design, sculpting, painting, and related fields.

SPORTS – These entering first-year college students have won at least one regional and national sporting event and have shown extraordinary talent or promise in athletics. They must also have the support of the sports coordinators in each DepEd division office and pass the Provincial Sports Development and Management Council’s (PSDMC) review.

Agriculture/Fisheries – These are first-year college students who plan to enroll in courses linked to agriculture. Since Pangasinan is an agricultural province, this category aids in locating students who might potentially contribute to the growth of our province’s agriculture and fishing sectors.

The Governor’s Academic and Excellence Awards can serve as a means to motivate and inspire individuals to strive for excellence, as well as to recognize and showcase exemplary achievements within the community or province. Recipients of these awards often receive certificates, trophies, or other forms of recognition from the Governor or a representative of the Governor’s office.

Academic Excellence Award: This award recognizes students who have achieved remarkable academic performance in their respective fields of study.

Medal of Diligence: This award honors students who have consistently displayed outstanding diligence, perseverance, and commitment in their academic pursuits.


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