Provincial Governors Office

Office of the Executive Assistant III

The Office of Executive Assistant III is a sub-office under the Provincial Governor’s Office of the Provincial Government of Pangasinan.

The Executive Assistant III is tasked to:

a. Handle a wide range of support tasks and implements processes to manage programs, projects, and activities including information and people.

b. Coordinate the flow of incoming and outgoing information, correspondence, documents, and forms by overseeing or performing the processing, screening, and routing of materials, and correspondence, creating new procedures as necessary, and determining the appropriate individuals, offices, departments, etc. for outgoing documents.

c. Manage daily office activities and dissemination of information to the various publics served by the Provincial Government of Pangasinan.

d. Conducts legal research and gathers data as a basis for decision and report preparation.

e. Prepare routine to complex correspondence, emails, reports, forms, etc.

f. Receives and greets visitors directing them to the appropriate offices or persons and providing authoritative information or material for inquiries.

g. Perform other functions as may be assigned.

Our Vision

By 2031, Pangasinan is the most essential province that provides excellent public service with integrity and fairness.

Our Mission

To serve and to provide essential quality service to all Pangasinenses.

Dr. Raymond Vincent G. Guevarra
Executive Assistant III

Dr. Raymond Vincent G. Guevarra, a licensed veterinarian, assumed the position of Executive Assistant III in the Office of the Governor, Province of Pangasinan, in February 2023.

Dr. Guevarra received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of the Philippines – Los Baños in 2021. After passing the Veterinary Medicine Licensure Examination held on March 2022, he worked as Resident Veterinarian at Vets in Practice, Inc – Mandaluyong branch. Thereon, he honed his skills in diagnostics and assisted in soft-tissue surgeries, and emergency and critical care, but holds a keen interest in wildlife and exotic animal medicine. After working for six months in private practice, he was given the opportunity to work for the Provincial Government of Pangasinan. He was invited to work as a Consultant on Veterinary Services under the Provincial Veterinary Office in hopes of sharing his knowledge, skills, and commitment to excellence in strengthening the province’s agricultural, animal husbandry, and biosecurity.

In 2023, he was given the opportunity to serve as the Executive Assistant III in the Office of the Governor. Due to his line of profession, he was later detailed under the Office of the Provincial Veterinarian. He is in charge of signing various documents under the office of the Provincial Veterinarian, such as Daily time records, pass slips, applications for leave of absence, and travel orders. He is also tasked to monitor and maintain the different breeding stations and to regulate and inspect poultry, meat, and dairy products for public consumption. He is keen on taking the necessary measures to eradicate, prevent or cure all forms of animal diseases to keep our fellow stakeholders safe in the province.

Frontline Services Offered

The Executive Assistant Office offers services for the Provincial Employees as well as the different constituents in the province for their various request.

Assistance and support services can also be offered for the local government units and private sectors.