Bayambang District Hospital


A Family Oriented and Eco-friendly Bayambang District Hospital (BDH), started rendering Public Health Services approximately 43 years ago as an “Emergency 10-bed capacity hospital” under the National Government through the Department of Health from 1980 to 1991 and eventually devolved to the Provincial Local Government from 1992 up to present.

Despite challenging times, BDH, an 89 Authorized Bed CapacityLevel I hospital, with the Vision ” To be the center of referrals from the different catchment and nearby municipalities by 2025″ and a Mission ” To deliver quality health care services to al by providing promotive, curative, preventive, and rehabilitative modalities that are easily accessible, affordable and equitable”, evolved and became the main Referral Hospital to nearby towns which includes Bayambang, Basista, Alcala, Bautista, Sto. Tomas, and Malasique with a total population of 401,582 as of 2022. Thanks to the collective, collaborative, and committed efforts of the National and Provincial, Municipal officials, all past and present Hospital Chiefs.

At present, it is now an ISO 9001: 2015 Certified hospital committed to providing quality, efficient, and effective health care services by continuously improving its facilities, equipment, machinery, and provision of well-equipped and trained employees at the same time adhering to the National government laws and relevant Implementing Rules and Regulations, aligned with the Department of Health Programs and Pangasinan Provincial Mission and Vision led by the Honorable Governor, Ramon V. Guico III.


Bayambang District Hospital is mandated to provide quality health care services to all clients, as a Pro-Family, Eco-friendly hospital, integrated to
the different agencies towards advanced, affordable, accessible, equitable, excellent health care services such as the Department of Health, PhilHealth, and Department of Environment and Natural Resources Accredited Facility.


To deliver quality health care services to its catchment areas and nearby municipalities by providing, promotive, curative, preventive, rehabilitative, and palliative treatment modalities that are easily accessible, affordable and equitable.

Quality Policy

The Bayambang District Hospital commits to delivering quality health care to all its patients with a highly competent workforce and to continuously improve its Quality Management System performance by adhering to applicable laws and adopting and implementing local and global standards.

Key Responsibilities

1. To show leadership and commitment and set full responsibility in establishing, implementing, integrating, and maintaining the Quality Management System.

2. To be more aware of external and internal issues relevant to our goal of achieving QMS.

3. To render quality health care services to all patients and interested parties in conjunction with the requirements applicable to ISO 9001:2015

4. To continuously improve our QMS by reducing operational dilemmas and enhancing customer satisfaction.