Provincial Agriculture Office

Rice Production thru Corporate Farming

Agriculture is the primary industry of the Province of Pangasinan. Its agriculture sector is important for inclusive growth, being a key driver of the provinces economy particularly in the rural areas where farming families live.

To achieve sustainable food production, it is imperative to continuously address pressing challenges and constraints that may impact on productivity and welfare of farmers. The volatile prices of agricultural inputs /ie. fertilizers) and goods has always beena cause ofuncertainty forfarmers. Moreover, the disruption in the food value chain caused by the pandemic persist to decrease farming income of small farmers.

To address this major concern of the agricultural sector of our province, the Provincial Government under the leadership of Hon. Gov. Ramon V. Guico III is implementing the
Corporate Farming Program to enhance food production and to make farming a profitable economic enterprise. This flagship program is in line with the province’s strategicobjective to uplift the socio-economic status and well-being of every Pangasinenses.

The Provincial Corporate Farming Program, thru convergence strategy endeavors to demonstrate food production cost efficiency thru farm consolidation approach and increase production yield by optimum utilization of production inputs, farm machineries and adoption of package of technologies and rekindle Bayanihan Spirit among agriculture stakeholders.

In line with the convergence strategy of the Provincial Government, program partners were identified in order to consolidate agricultural input requirements, logistical needs and provision of technical assistance for greater access of project beneficiaries. The project program started on a later part of 2022 with only one hundred twenty (120)hectares in six (6) project sites with twenty (20) hectares per site per district as a compact farm. Initial inputs were provided to farmer cooperatives such as organic and inorganic fertilizer and pesticides and agro chemicals.

To formally implement the program, the Provincial Government will be Launching the Provincial Corporate Farming Program on July 7, 2023 to be held at the Municipality of Binalonan, which will be graced by no other than the Undersecretary of the Department of Agriculture Hon. Leocadio Sebastian. Part ofthe launching will be the farm mechanization technology demonstrations and fair and exhibits.