Provincial Agriculture Office


1. Render Technical Assistance to participating farmers’ associations.

2. Assist in the conduct ofinstitutional development and capability building for farmers associations.

3. Render assistance to participating farmers’ associations in accessing credit for crop production projects.

4 Assist farmers in accessing farm mechanization programs of participating government agencies

Six (6) PAgO Station Services Offered:

  • Production & Distribution of Multi-Species Mangrove Seedlings
  • Aquaculture Technology Demonstration
  • Technical Assistance on Coastal Resource Management and Various Fishery Related Projects to Fishfarmers and Fisherfolk Associations
  • Crop Production Technology Demonstration
  • Skills Training and Technical Assistance
  • Tilapia Fingerlings Production and Dispersal
  • Fruit and Forest Seedlings Production and Distribution
  • Information Education and Communication on Coastal Resource Management
  • Production of Organic Fertilizer
  • Production o fBio-Control Agents