Provincial Hospital Management Services

Community-based Konsulta Plus

Most Notable Activity:

1. The province with the Highest Number of Provincial Hospitals accredited in the whole country

2. The 1st Province in the Region to have 100% of the Provincial Hospitals accredited

3. The 1st Province in the Country to have 100% of the Provincial Hospitals accredited

The launching of Pangasinan Community-Based Konsulta Plus at Brgy. Cabalitian, Umingan Pangasinan. The aim of this activity is to increase the utilization of health care services, particularly among vulnerable populations based on their needs in the Province of Pangasinan. To reach more people in the communities, the program will be upscaled to also include a community-based arm where health services will be brought from the hospital to various barangays in the province.

Other Related Info:

One of the major accomplishments of the Office is the accreditation of all hospitals by PhilHealth as Konsulta Provider. Three major accomplishments have been achieved by the Pangasinan Hospital System through this accreditation