Provincial Hospital Management Services

The Hospital Administrator

Dr. Dalvie Agbayani Casilang

Hospital Administrator
Provincial Hospital Management Services

Dr. Dalvie Agbayani Casilang is a health systems manager who obtained his medical degree from the University of the Philippines Manila-Philippine General Hospital. He successfully graduated cum laude under the INTARMED Program with four academic scholarships and became a doctor at a very young age.

He is currently the Provincial Hospital Administrator of the Provincial Hospital Management Services, which comprises 14 Government Hospitals and is (again) one of the youngest hospital administrators in the country.

He first worked as a Doctor to the Barrio and served as the only doctor in a geographically isolated and disadvantaged area in Ilocos Sur. His story in the barrio was broadcasted on TV where he was portrayed by Alden Richards.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, he led the Dagupan City COVID-19 Vaccination Program which was recognized by the Department of Health as Rank 1 for having administered the highest number of vaccine doses in the Region. He briefly served as the City Health Officer in the same City.

Doctor Dalvie completed a Professional Fellowship Program at the Harris County Public Health in Houston, Texas where he learned about health-related legislative processes and implementation of county-wide health programs.

Doctor Dalvie is passionate about encouraging the youth to pursue their dreams and vlogs about medical education on his YouTube Channel, Twitter, TikTok and Facebook Page— @DoctorDalvie.