Provincial Treasury Office


1. Issuance of Accountable Forms
2. Processing of Designation and Appointments of Acting, ICO, OIC Municipal Treasurers and Assistant Municipal Treasurers as well as their respective turnover of accountabilities.
3. Written Response on Complaints, Queries and Other Concerns
4. Payment of Claims Thru Cash
5. Releasing of Payment of Claims Thru Check
6. Computation and Payment of Real Property Tax
7. Computation and Payments of Transfer Tax of Real Property
8. Payment of Franchise Tax
9. Payment of Annual Fixed Tax
10. Payment of Professional Tax
11. Payment of Tax On Sand, Gravel and other Quarry Resources, Permit Fee, Delivery Receipt
12. Payment of Secretary’s Fees
13. Computation and Payments of Real Property Tax on CARP Covered Property/Ies
14. Receipt of Liquidation of Provincial Tax Share, Refunds and Other Miscellaneous Receipts
15. Receipt of Liquidation Reports of Provincial Tax Shares
16. Processing of Vouchers/Payrolls for Cash Availability
17. Processing of Payment of Claims Thru ATM
18. Commission on Elections Ballot Boxes and paraphernalia custodian
19. Approval of Clearances for separation of services and Leaves
20. Review of Municipal Revenue Code and ordinances