Provincial Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Office


Socialized Housing Unit

This is the program that enables the Pangasinan Provincial Government to initiate the construction of socialized housing units and make them available to qualified residents through a housing loan scheme that allows the latter to pay for the units with low monthly amortizations.

Relocation and Resettlement Program

This is the program that relocates and resettles informal settler families (IS) living in dangerous areas in the province. Prior to relocation, the PHUDCO ensures the availability of resettlement areas that are compliant with existing national laws and policies prior to the relocation of the affected families.

Technical Assistance

The PHUDCO provides technical assistance to LGUs, especially in the preparation of the Guidelines and Policies on Beneficiary Selection, Awards, and Arbitration as well as coordination with the National Housing Authority (NHA) for the implementation of the resettlement projects under the Resettlement Assistance Program for Local Government Units (RAP-LGU).

Lot Acquisition through Community Mortgage Program (CMP)

This is the financing program of the Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC) that allows legally organized informal settler families to purchase and develop the land they occupy and using the same land as collateral for their loan.

Direct Land Acquisition through Land Banking

To ensure the availability of lands to accommodate the underprivileged, PHUDCO, in coordination with the Office of the Governor undertakes land banking by purchasing properties that are located ni areas that are amenable to mixed-use (residential, commercial, institutional, etc.) development. This not only ensures the provision of housing units to qualified residents but also gives them socio-economic opportunities to improve their lives and
that of their community.