Provincial Health Office


I. Provincial Epidemiology Surveillance Unit (PESU)

  • Conduct disease surveillance activities SUCH AS:
    – epidemic/outbreak and epidemiologic investigations,
    – case disease investigations and validation.
    – review of medical records.
  • Conducts immediate health response activities to Outbreaks, Epidemic, unusual health events and other urgent public health threats.
  • Conducts and provides case disease analysis reports and disseminate reliable data and timely information for immediate disease prevention and control measures
  • Provision of technical assistance on rapid containment, quarantine and isolation and disease surveillance activities.
  • Conducts staff development programs through meetings, orientations and trainings.
  • Formulation of disease surveillance health plans
  • Provision of technical assistance and conducts monitoring and evaluation – implementation/establishment of epidemiology and surveillance unit’s province-wide

II. Planning, Training Management Information Systems, ISO & Special Program / Health

  • Facilitate the Formulation of the Province-wide Public Health Plan (LIPH & AOP)
  • Monitor implementation of LIPH & O P & Evaluates Public Health Program Accomplishment
  • Conduct and facilitate training, workshop, orientation, and other related activities.
  • Provision of Technical Assistance to program managers, other offices and LGUs
  • Facilitate implementation of various health Programs, Projects & Activities (PPAs)

III. Disaster Risk Reduction Management On Health (DRRM-H) / Health Emergency Response Service (HEMS) / Provincial Health Emergency Response Team (PHERT))

  • Develops plans, programs, projects, and activities for the prevention and mitigation of health emergencies.
  • Ensures functionality of the PHO Disaster Team in anticipation or in response to health emergencies
  • Conducts Capacity Building such as Basic Life Support and Standard First Aid for health workers and other partners
  • Provide Technical Assistance to RHUs on the institutionalization of Disaster Risk Reduction Management for Health (DRRM-H) Program

IV. Public Health Services

  • Provides the technical expertise for the implementation of public health programs, projects, and activities of the province.
  • Conducts preventive & promotive activities such as health education & promotion campaign and community assemblies
  • Provides technical support/assistance in the implementation of health programs and projects at the LGU Level
  • Conducts staff development programs through coaching & mentoring, orientation, training, and workshops.
  • Provides technical assistance and coordinates with the municipal/city government units through the Rural Health Units, non-government organizations, and with other line agencies in the implementation of health programs, projects & activities.
  • Formulates investment and operational plans for various health programs and projects.
  • Conducts on-site inspection of industrial establishments upon the request of the Local Government Units or in cases of complaints.
  • Lobby for the formulation and passage of resolutions, and ordinances regarding health programs. Partnership with stakeholders: private sector, civil society groups
  • Assist LGUs, ILHZ in the formulation of health plans
  • Assist during a medical mission
  • Implements planned PPAs
  • Monitors and evaluates the implementation of the different health programs

V. Administrative Services

  • Provide administrative services
  • Implement Human Resource Management Policies
  • Responsible for Financial Management
  • Facilities and Supply Management
  • General Support Services
  • Responsible for Records Management