Provincial Assessment Office

Organizational Structure

As of January 1, 2o2J, the Provincial Assessment Office is composed of four (4) divisions namely: Assessment, Records, Tax-Mapping and Administrative Divisions. The first three (3) divisions comprise the operations part of the organization.

Assesment Division

The division is responsible in:

. appraisal, assessment of real properties,
. preparation of tax declaration and Field Appraisal Assessment sheet (FAAS),
. preparation of sales data comparative report,
. recording, classifying tax declaration with supporting documents,
. releasing of tax declaration
. computing the difference of the previous and present assessed values

Records Division

The division is responsible in

. maintenance and issuance of supporting documents and tax declarations needed in courts,
. also responsible for annotations of mortgages, liens and encumbrances, landholdings, no real property
. issuance of certification and certified true/photocopies of tax declaration,
. marking of les pendens for court related transactions and
. verification of tax declarations.

Tax-Mapping Division

The division is responsible in:

. maintenance and updating of tax maps and tax mapping rolls
. as well as verification and issuance of certified true copies of tax maps and tax mapping rolls.
. prep”.er sketch plans, repairs and reconstructs tax mapping control rolls (TMCR);
. Assist Municipalities in the conduct of tax mapping operations,
. and helps in the preparation of Provincial Appraisal Committee Resolution Report of the Provincial Assessment Office.

Administrative Division

The Administrative Division is responsible for planning and executing comprehensive range of administrative services which support office operations.

These services encompass the areas of:

. human resource management,
. financialmanagement,
. systems and information management, o facilities management and
. support services.