Pangasinan Provincial Jail


In line with its mission and vision, the PPJ endeavors to perform the following functions:


– Issuance of Certificate of Detention upon request.

– Granting of Good Conduct Time Allowance and Credit for Preventive Imprisonment to qualified PDL for their early release and for Jail decongestion.


  • Visitation of PAO lawyers/counsel of PDLs
  • Visitation of Judges
  • Visitation of Human Rights
  • Conduct of OPLAN “Greyhound” by Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), Region 1
  • Visitation of Board of Pardons and Parole for information dissemination to PDL rights
  • Among others


  • Received/released PDL on orders of court/legal authorities
  • Verification to Clerks of Court whether the PDL has pending warrant prior release by virtue of court order and/or fully served sentence
  • Escorting of PDL during court hearings
  • Escorting of male PDL for transfer to New Bilibid Prison for final confinement
  • Escorting of female PDL for transfer to Correctional Institution for Women for Final Confinement
  • Escorting of PDL for transfer to BJMP for continuous Confinement
  • Escorting of PDL for Referral for Drug Rehabilitation to DOH, Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center, Dagupan City and Mega Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center, Nueva Ecija
  • Escorting of PDL for Psychiatric Examination at Baguio General Hospital
  • Escorting of PDL to National Center for Mental Health for long term treatment
  • Escorting of PDL subjected to Drug Dependency Examination
  • Escorting of PDL for medical examination/confinement to a hospital
  • Escorting of PDL for swab/antigen test prior their release from the custody of PPJ



  • Conduct of Medical/Dental Mission for the PDL in quarterly basis.
  • Conduct of religious activities such as: Roman Catholic Church, United Methodist Church, Jehova’s Witness, Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ.
  • Allow spouses/visitors/relatives of PDL twice a week for regular family and/or conjugal visitation.
  • Conduct of counseling among PDL by their respective counsel/lawyers; and
  • Regular conduct of sports activities such as Basketball and Zumba.