Human Resource Management and Development Office

General Functions of the Division

Recruitment, Selection, and Placement

The division is responsible for measuring the qualifications and competencies of applicants, assessing the effectiveness of the screening and selection process, and validating the employment requirements and documents of hired applicants.

Learning and Development

The division is responsible for conducting learning and development activities based on the results of the learning needs analysis and learning and development plan, monitoring and evaluating in-house learning and development activities conducted, and improving the competencies of participants in the learning and development activities.

Organizational Development

The division is responsible for installing and maintaining development tools and systems, monitoring and validating the implementation of the Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS), and implementing the Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE). It is also responsible for preparing documents and records to comply with the requirements of partner agencies and other accreditation bodies.

Employee Relations

The divisionis responsible for managing or resolving filed grievances of employees as well as complaints received from internal and external sources, monitoring the effectiveness of actions taken, and implementing employee relations activities.

Employee Management Information System

The division is responsible for maintaining functional and operational information systems, updating employee data and profiles, providing requesting employees with certifications, and providing payroll services to offices and hospitals.

Employee Welfare and Wellness

The division is responsible for preparing, recording, processing, and releasing leave applications, notices of salary adjustment and increment, and retirement requirements for employees. It is also responsible for conducting health and wellness activities and monitoring the health conditions of employees participating ni health and wellness activities.

Employee Administrative and Support Services

The division is responsible for managing the budget and supplies of the office and providing general and support services for office operations. It is also responsible for facilitating the membership of employees in the Provincial Government Employees Multi-Purpose Cooperative of Pangasinan (PGEMPCOP).