General Services Office


The General Services Office is composed of three (3) separate and distinct divisions which are: (1) General Administration Division, (2) Asset Management Division, and (3) Facilities, Maintenance, and Security Division.


A productive and results-oriented frontline and back-end support services office providing responsive, efficient, and timely services through an interplay of systems management and God-loving, self-reliant, committed, and competent employees in the interest of public service.


Towards the service of the great province of Pangasinan, the General Services Office shall ensure the delivery of frontline services under our divisions and various units without delay and continuously elevate the delivery of back-end services through the economic and efficient management of systems, assets, and human resources.

Key Responsibilities

1) General Administrative Division (Procurement and Supply Management)

a) Collate and disseminate information regarding prices, shipping and other cost of supplies and other items commonly used by the Province.
b) Take charge in the procurement of supplies, materials, and equipment through public bidding and personnel canvass needed by different offices and hospitals of the Provincial Government of Pangasinan.
c) Manage the preparation of procurement documents, purchase order, purchase request
d) Manage the storage of delivered supplies and materials as indicated in the Purchase Order
e) Conduct inventory and registry of in-stock supplies
f) Deliver supplies, materials and equipment to offices and hospitals.

2) Asset Management Division

a) Take custody of and be accountable for all properties, real or personal, owned by the Province and those granted to it in the form of donation, reparation, assistance and counterpart of joint projects
b) Preserve, maintain and safekeep all land titles and valuable records, owned by the Province
c) Classify, store, retrieve, secure, track and archive records of properties (Property, Plant, and Equipment, land, building, vehicles and other machineries) owned by the Province
d) Conduct inventory activities such as updating, data encoding, physical inventory, reconciliation of records, inspection, designation of memorandum receipt, placement of inventory tags and distribution of equipment to different offices and hospitals e. Register service vehicles with Land Transportation Office (LTO) and process payments of insurance premium of the provincial service vehicles and owned government buildings
e) Conduct inspection of unserviceable supplies and materials, equipment and vehicles returned by offices and hospitals

3) Facilities, Maintenance and Security Division

a) Maintain and supervise the janitorial and security of government public buildings and other real property, whether owned or leased by the Province.
b) Maintain the good condition of the building and office work place including the electrical, carpentry, plumbing, air-conditioning, and sanitation
c) Conduct repair and maintenance of facilities and fixtures
d) Supervise the operations of service vehicles and schedule and assign service vehicles for approved travel order
e) Provide technical assistance during the conduct of special events such as provision of sound system, arrangement of chairs and tables, provision of utility and security services, etc.