Chiefs of Offices

Dr. Arcely G. Robeniol

OIC – Provincial Veterinary Office

Dr. Arcely G. Robeniol is the officer-in-charge of the Provincial Veterinary Office.

After earning her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, Dr. Robeniol has dedicated her career to serving the Province by providing invaluable technical assistance in preventing and controlling animal diseases, while also managing animal production and maintaining the health of domesticated farm animals.

She was born in Solano, Nueva Viscaya on December 24, 1965. She is happily married to Mr. Roger G. Robeniol and is blessed with three children.

Personal Information

Date of Birth: December 24, 1965
Place of Birth: Solano, Nueva Viscaya
Spouse: Roger G. Robeniol
Children: 3


Doctor of Veterinary Medicine