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Governor Ramon V. Guico III Initiates Construction of 4-Storey, 12-Classroom Building at Binalonan Central School

Binalonan, Pangasinan – In a bid to support and enhance the quality of education in the province, Governor Ramon V. Guico III has spearheaded the construction of a four-storey, 12-classroom building at Binalonan Central School.

The groundbreaking ceremony took place June 3, 2023, with Governor Guico, alongside local education officials, school administrators, and community leaders, expressing their enthusiasm and determination to improve educational facilities in the school.

The new building, set tob e a significant addition toBinalonan Central School, is designed to accommodate a total of 12 classrooms,offeringa conduciveenvironment for effective teaching and learning.

Governor Guico, who himself an educator, emphasized the importance of investing in education, reiterating that quality education is the foundation for progress and development in our province. The construction of the four-storey building is part of Governor Guico’s comprehensive plan to upgrade educational infrastructure across Pangasinan. By allocating funds and resources to improve school facilities, the governor aims to create an environment that motivates students to learn and encourages teachers to deliver quality education.

The construction is expected to be completed within the year, and once finished, the new building will accommodate a significant number of students, alleviatingthe strainon existingclassroomsand enhancing the overall educational experience.

With the construction of the four-storey, 12-classroom building at Binalonan Central School, Governor Ramon V. Guico III has once again demonstrated his commitment to fostering quality education in Pangasinan. Thisinitiative signifies agiant leap toward the province’s visionof empowering its youth and preparingthem for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.