Provincial Veterinary Office


1. Mass vaccination of dogs and cats against rabies towards rabies free Province and a healthy community.
2. Information education campaign to increase awareness and promote responsible pet ownership.
3. Deworming of animals against internal parasites and external parasites
4. Vitamin supplementation for the animals to become vigor.
5. Mange Treatment against ectoparasite.
6. Consultation, diagnosis, and treatment.
7. Vaccination of ruminant animals against Hemorrhagic Septicemia
8. Neutering of small animals for population control to lessen stray animals, prevent rabies transmission and other reproductive diseases.
9. Extends technical assistance to farmer raisers through capacity building.
10. Issuance of pertinent documents relative to animal and by product shipment.
11. Disease surveillance activities for emerging and re-emerging diseases.
12. Techno demonstration at the Breeding Stations to showcase enhanced technologies on animal and forage production.
13. Pregnancy diagnosis and Artificial Insemination for Large Ruminant Animals.