Management Information Services Office


To serve as the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) arm of the Provincial Government of Pangasinan that will be responsible in the formulation and implementation of the Digitalization Program of the province and provides support to the Programs and Projects of the National Government being implemented to the Local Government Units.


By 2031, the Management Information Services Office (MISO) envisions the Provincial Government of Pangasinan to be an ICT-enabled local government unit utilizing responsive and efficient ICT software solutions and infrastructures in the delivery of better government services to the public and its stakeholders.

  • To ensure the provision of strategic, reliable, cost-efficient and. citizen-centric information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure, systems and resources as instruments of good governance and global competitiveness,
  • To establish a free internet service that can be accessed in government offices and public areas using the most cost-effective telecommunications technology, through partnership with private service providers as may be necessary,
  • To promote and assist the development of local ICT content, applications and services which may include support for ICT-based start-up enterprises through strategic partnerships, and
  • To promote the Provincial Government by providing multimedia services to the public.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Systems Development, Implementation and Maintenance Services – systems and resources must be reliable, effective and cost efficient and must be maintained appropriately
  • Internet Network Infrastructure and Maintenance – provide a stable internet access to government offices and during the conduct of different events of the province upon request.
  • ICT Equipment Repair and Maintenance – must help other offices in the performance of their duties by providing technical assistance when needed
  • Multimedia Services – must provide technical support through setup and configuration of multimedia devices in the dissemination of programs and projects of the Provincial Government
  • Administrative Services – must do all other administrative functions of the office